Post Malone Brings the Hollywood Dreams Tour to The Bluestone

The Bluestone is typically for country music performances, but it doesn’t surprise me at all to see Post Malone performing here for his Hollywood Dreams Tour. He’s got that southern vibe that makes him seem so down to earth. And he’s experimented with the genre before in songs like “Hollywood Dreams,” a Fleetwood Mac cover off of his debut mixtape August 26.

The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour opened with Jazz Cartier, a rapper out of Toronto. I’ve personally been a Jazz Cartier fan for a minute now. Songs like “Dead or Alive” and “Opera” immediately got me hype when I first heard them, so it was great to see him perform for the first time.

Cartier had so much energy. Despite the majority of the crowd not knowing much of his music, he rocked with the crowd regardless. Incredibly, in the middle of his set, he stood with both feet on top of the crowd. Definitely the proper opener for Post Malone.

Malone managed to get a pretty laid-back crowd excited the moment he came out. He performed songs from August 26 as well as some new music, including his newest single “Déjà Vu” with Justin Bieber that I love.

I personally expected Malone to be a much wilder performer, but his stage presence was pretty chill. The crowd however was definitely on their worst behavior in the best way. I saw some pretty entertaining drunken dance moves, and apparently someone in the crowd brought sandwiches for Malone. I didn’t see him grab them, which was a smart move.

As far as the music, the crowd particularly vibed with “Go Flex” and of course “White Iverson” to close the show. I’ve only ever known Post Malone for the latter. I didn’t expect Fleetwood Mac covers or a laid-back demeanor, but I was impressed. For sure I’ll have my ear out for what he has in store.

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