#AsHeardBy Nichole, Review: Bobby Biz – City Savior

There’s a wide lane for trap music in Columbus. Bobby Biz is at the front of it.

City Savior, a project released in August on SoundCloud, features production from frequent collaborators Sean Starks, Elliott Trent and 808-H.

Bobby opens the project with a huge offer to save the city. He raps on the response the city gives him, saying it’s quick to tear you down or not give just do: “Welcome to my city, I call it the concrete jungle / Where niggas love to hate you or niggas they hate to love you.” Unfortunately this is one of the downfalls of the Columbus music scene. Artists from every lane speak on the lack of support they get from their peers, facing folks with an “every man for himself” mentality.

“City like ‘We don’t breed him’ / Labels like ‘Yeah we need him!'” – “Best Man”

By far City Savior‘s most received track is “Whole Thang” featuring Elliott Trent on the mic and the boards. The track has a star-making quality that I can’t quite figure out. Much like City Savior as a whole, production work really well with Bobby Biz’s easy rhymes in tow. The trick may just be adding Elliott Trent on the hook, because “One Night” has the same effect.

City Savior‘s religious theme manifests itself in different ways. Bobby Biz goes from savior to sinner on “So Many Demons, Mama Pray for Me”: “Please Lord just forgive me / I been sinning in my city.” On the title track Bobby Biz cleverly explains, “You gotta have Faith, no Biggie.” The project also samples gospel songs throughout in an interesting and well executed move assisted by Starks. Though lost in some spots, it’s a concept that makes City Savior a Columbus staple.

On production 808-H or Sean Starks very rarely disappoint. For 808-H especially, he’s crafted a sound that sonically can only be compared to Timberland. It’s different from any producer in Columbus period. But Sean Starks and Elliott Trent are equally a great fit for Bobby Biz’s rhymes.

With an “If Only for One Night” sample on “WTW (Automatic)” and a choir on “Best Man,” production gives this project a concept that’s memorable and works really well, especially on a trap project. With enough space for Bobby Biz to clearly lay his rhymes for peak delivery, and City Savior is a must listen.

Columbus artists had a great 2016. From Tae Fresh and Tribe hitting Ohio’s biggest music festivals, to Correy Parks getting a look from MTV for The Road Less Traveled, our artists are getting national exposure. Bobby Biz says he’s next to blow, and with City Savior there’s no argument.

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