The Activist: Millennial activists resemble the Nation

One day after Trump’s inauguration, over 500,000 people marched in D.C. as a part of the Women’s March. 2.3 million people marched in “sister marches” all over the globe.

Other massive demonstrations were organized in reaction to the executive order signed by Trump attempting to ban refugees and green card holders from 7 predominantly Muslim nations.

Demonstrators organized to occupy airports in NYC, Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle, Columbus, and Washington DC to demand the order be repealed.

At Ohio University, this activism is mirrored. Senior English major Anika Holland and senior African American studies major Bobby Walker address the university’s response to an English professor’s reported sexual harassment and assault of two graduate students. Without a doubt, the visibility of student activists has brought about a resurgence in campus conversations. A video by Nichole Moorman for The Athennial. Music courtesy of Ryan Little.

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